What is this?

This project takes a Spotify playlist URI and will download its contents by sourcing audio from YouTube and tags/art from Spotify. YouTube videos for audio are found automatically.

Demonstration and Screenshots

Console example

This is a console application, simply paste the URI and press enter.


  • Python (tested with 3.5)
  • ffmpeg (described in installation steps 5 and 6)


  1. Clone this repository. git clone https://github.com/brentvollebregt/spotify-playlist-downloader.git
  2. cd into the project. cd spotify-playlist-downloader
  3. Install the requirements. pip install requirements.txt
  4. Go to https://developer.spotify.com/dashboard and create an app to get a client_id and client_secret key pair
  5. Put these keys in settings.json
  6. Go to https://ffmpeg.org/download.html and download ffmpeg.
  7. Extract the files from the zip and copy ffmpeg.exe, ffplay.exe and ffprobe.exe from the /bin folder to the location of spotify_album_downloader.py (you can also put these in a location that is referenced by the PATH variable if you wish)


  1. Get the URI of a Spotify playlist by clicking the three dots at the top to show then menu and click share. In this sub-menu, click "Copy Spotify URI"; this will copy the URI to your clipboard.
  2. Run spotify_album_downloader.py and insert your Spotify URI, then hit enter.
  3. Files will be saved to /output/ in the current working directory.