This is a small collection of my favourite projects I developed with a small description and links to pages relating to the project.

Auto Py To Exe

This project was my attempt at making the task of packaging Python scripts to Windows executables to run on computers without Python installed easier for new-comers.

This project allows someone to easily set up a server that uses chromes app mode as an interface and then calls PyInstaller with the parameters provided by the user.

Auto-Py-To-Exe Empty Interface

This project can be installed from PyPI by executing:

python -m pip install auto-py-to-exe

And then to run the project, simply call:


PyTutorials YouTube Channel

PyTutorials Channel Header

When I have time and ideas, I like to make programming tutorials. Currently most of my tutorials are Python related but I also have a few different ones.

Some of my videos have quite a bit of attention, for example Convert PY to EXE which has over 250k views, Python Keylogger with more tha 130k views and Record Your Computer Screen With VLC with more than 800k views.

I give a lot of help in the comments for these videos and try my best to find solutions for issues people are having. This also allows me to gauge what people like in terms of topics and the videos themselves and get great feedback.

Price Per Unit

PyTutorials Channel Header

This project is an Android app that compares prices for similar items and will calculate the price per unit for each item. These values can then be compared to find the best value for money. Simply give a name (optional), enter in the cost, amount and size of each item and the unit per dollar will be calculated.

Multi Clipboard

PyTutorials Channel Header

This project fixed my issue of having to re-copy something after I just overwrote my clipboard with something else.

It does this by opening a simple GUI that allows you to have temporary clipboards like a hotbar. The package comes with a listener that listens for Ctrl + Windows + C which can be enabled and disabled has an option to be started on startup. For maximum speed, you can simply click a virtual clipboard to put it on your clipboard and it will close (can be turned off). It supports unlimited clipboards and many types of clipboard formats.

Quick Script

Auto-Py-To-Exe Empty Interface

This project allowed me to have a lot of small scripts in one place that is easy to get to.

Just like Multi Clipboard, attach this to a hotkey and your scripts you previously added will appear. Example scripts come pre-loaded like saving a clipboard image to a file, restarting windows explorer and putting your ip address on your clipboard.

Nitratine (Version 1)

PyTutorials Channel Header

This version of Nitratine was the original website I built to host all my content.

It is a fully dynamic server with a cms built in. It can do server side scripting, uses Jinja for templating, has mobile support and more.

I no longer use it as I felt a static site was much more suitable and easier to maintain. I still get a bit of traffic to it each day though.