About Me

My name is Brent and I'm a student at the University of Waikato. My primarily used language is Python which I learned myself in secondary school. I have covered many other topics by myself and at university while developing my own projects on the side as a hobby.

I own the PyTutorials channel on YouTube which is where I provide video tutorials on intermediate Python topics.

Nitratine is a place for me to share projects developed by me and tutorials on topics that I'm interested in. Currently this is the third version of the site and is hosted statically using GitHub Pages and built with a custom Python build script taking use of Frozen-Flask.

A small portfolio of my work is linked here that contains a collection of my favourite projects I developed with a small description and links to pages relating to the project.

Basic site statistics and values relating to the things I do can be found at /data/.

Tech I Have Had Experience With

Python Java JavaScript Clojure HTML CSS SQLite Android SDK Flask Git JetBrains Linux Adobe PhotoShop React C# TypeScript


If you would like to donate for any project I maintain, this is the place to do so.


If you have any questions about a YouTube video, please leave the question in the comments and for questions about a blog post, leave the question in the comments on the blog post. Emails regarding this nature will be referred back to the corresponding platform.

If you would like to contact me for another reason, send an email to [Display Email Address].