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Manage your finances in a game of Monopoly from the browser.

Monopoly Money is a web app designed for mobile that allows multiple players to track their balances collectively in a game of monopoly and transfer money from one another.

How Can This Help You?

If you have ever played the credit card edition of Monopoly, you will appreciate how much faster the game moves without having to count cash. This web app substitutes the need for cash in a game of monopoly for a mobile-banking-like solution where players can easily send each other virtual currency.

Using this method for finance management also allows you to keep a full history of your game and have clarity over every movement.


To start using the web app, follow the basic following steps:

  • Get all participants to go to in a browser of their choosing.
  • Whoever is the banker should select "New Game" to create a new game after providing their name.
  • All other participants should then select "Join Game" and using the game id provided by the banker and their name, join the game.

When everyone is in the game, the banker can then close the game to stop others from joining and then start distributing out the initial balances.


Funds page with game id Transfering funds Game history Bankers actions page Settings page Funds page without game id


  • Multiple games can be hosted on the server at once
  • Each player uses their own device; everyone joins one game
  • Send money between players with ease - no need to sort out change
  • Realtime - players get notified when an event occurs immediately.
  • The person that created the game is the banker. This person can:
  • Give money to players from the bank (and take money)
  • Give free parking to players
  • Update player names
  • Delete players
  • Stop new people from joining the game
  • End the game completely
  • History is recorded of each game event that can be viewed by all players